Adventures at Kandalore

What a trip! What an experience!

Over the past three days I have seen our students participate in archery, rock climbing, mountain biking, high ropes, orienteering, and many team building and cooperative games. I have seen students push their limits by trying new activities and experiencing success! I think the best part, however, was seeing them encourage and praise one another for accomplishing a hard to reach goal, as well as comforting and supporting eachother throughout this trip!

I am so proud of this incredible group!

Below, are just a few pictures of our amazing adventures.

Our classroom is awfully quiet today! I think they are just a little tired!

Mrs. Strampel

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We have had a busy first few weeks in our grade 6 classroom!

Please check out the “Student of the Week” tab. There is an updated schedule for our Student of the Week presentations.

In math, we have been  studying place value of whole numbers (to one million) and decimals (to the thousandth place value). We have been ordering and comparing whole and decimal numbers, and representing numbers in standard form, expanded form, and words. In the next few days we will be rounding numbers, examining prime and composite numbers, and factoring.

We will be having a math quiz on Wednesday, October 4th on these concepts. There is a practice quiz in the math section of this blog, if you wish for extra practice.

In language, we have been reading our class novel The City of Ember, and have been doing various comprehension activities with this excellent book! We have been visualizing, making predictions, making connections, and asking questions. We have also incorporated many drama activities (interview the character, acting out scenes, and trying to consider what each character is thinking based on his/her actions). Furthermore, students have been working on their own independent reading and have been “buzzing” about their books with their table group. During the first week of school, students wrote their own autobiography flip book, and now are working on paragraph writing, using the Answer Sandwich model.

In science, we are learning about electricity and sources of energy that can be transformed into electricity. Tomorrow we will discuss static and current electricity.

In social studies, we have been talking about the different experiences that immigrants have when they arrive to Canada. We are looking forward to beginning  our first inquiry project shortly.

Overall, we have had a very busy first few weeks of school!

I’m looking forward to a great school year! 🙂

Mrs. Strampel

Marshmallow S.T.E.A.M. Challenge

Today during period 6 we did a whole class S.T.E.A.M. Challenge. S.T.E.A.M. is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. In this particular challenge, small groups were given only 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 metre of masking tape, and one marshmallow. Students were instructed to build the tallest free-standing structure with only these materials (after drawing a detailed sketch of course!).

Students worked together not only to overcome the challenge of building a tall structure with only the supplies given, but also to ensure that their structure was free-standing. After a lot of trial and error, many groups figured out a way to make their structure work. Below are some pictures of the groups in action:

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Great Problem Solving!

This year, we have been talking a lot about Growth Mindset and the importance of hard work, resilience and grit. On Friday, students were given a math problem where they had to figure out how many ways Leo the Rabbit could climb a staircase, given specific parameters. It was interesting to circulate around the room and hear the collaboration and “math talk” happening in the small groups. Below, you will see a picture of the “Leo the Rabbit problem”, as well as our mathematicians in action.

In addition to problem solving with a focus on mathematical reasoning and proving, we are currently working on place value, representing, ordering and comparing whole numbers to one million as well as decimal numbers to the thousandths place value.

First Week Activities

During the first week, we will become familiar with classroom routines, and different “getting to know you” activities. Two of the activities we will be working on are posted below:



Throughout the year, I will try to post assignments on this blog as well as in the Google Classroom. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to a great first week!

Mrs. Strampel

Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing summer!

I am so excited to meet all of you and to enjoy a fun-filled year full of laughter and learning!

Please review the Welcome Package attached below to browse through some information on concepts we will be working on in September, home-school communication, behaviour incentives, and technology.


Remind Strampel Grade 6-x9sblz

We are going to have a great year!

Mrs. Strampel 🙂